Building Emotionally Resilient Youth

Who Are We?

Ambassadors of Compassion is an innovative RESILIENCY BUILDING, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, LEADERSHIP PROGRAM that equips youth with the critical skills necessary to navigate and succeed through life’s inevitable challenges.

The full program is scientifically measured and proven to build resilience in the lives of youth. It brings together the wisdom and expertise of successful leaders, influencers, and educators from across the world.

Ambassadors of Compassion partners with caring corporations, celebrities and the entertainment industry, pro and college sports teams, schools, and community-based groups.

Why Ambassadors: The Real Challenge

The world today is facing great challenges as evidenced by significant economic turmoil and failing social systems. The real tragedy is the loss of great human potential that will go unrealized and therefore never benefit family, society, nations, and the world.

Ambassadors of Compassion envisions millions of youth who are productive, self-sufficient, and compassionate citizens taking responsibility for their own lives while serving the needs of their community and world.

The Ambassadors of Compassion journey helps youth define who they are, where they belong, and where they are going in life. It helps them discover their life's purpose along with providing them with a sense of hope and destiny through serving the needs of others.

Why is the Ambassadors of Compassion program unique?







Who Are You?

The Ambassadors of Compassion program impacts many people, not just the amazing youth who participate in it, but also their parents, schools, fellow students, sports teams and the whole community.

The Results:

"I was kicked out of 16 schools in 4 years. I would get into at least one fight everyday, maybe even more. I am extremely grateful to Ambassadors of Compassion for giving me a chance to understand many parts of myself that I never thought existed."
Yisel, University of Alabama Honors Graduate


“The Ambassadors of Compassion experience has reinforced qualities in me that can make me a greater leader and example. It has reminded me that life can be tough but it is up to us to persevere through obstacles.”
Danny, High School Student

“The Ambassadors of Compassion Journey adds that missing component of developing character. It develops kids from the inside out. In my 25 years working with complex students, these (the Ambassadors of Compassion Program) are the most positive results I’ve ever seen from a program like this. It prepares students to learn and helps them develop the character and social traits that support their transition into adulthood.”

Dr. Wayne Hammond PhD.
President and CEO of Resiliency Initiatives; Adjunct Associate Professor; Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Ambassadors of Compassion program is a perfect vehicle to create lasting change. I encourage all that have access to the program to use it.

Jerry Colangelo

Former Owner, Phoenix Suns / Arizona Diamondbacks

At Nike we were obsessed and relentless about creating the best product for athletes. Ambassadors of Compassion is striving to make athletes better by addressing personal issues that are often the difference between a great and mediocre team success.

Craig Cheek

Former Vice President, Nike Inc.

The Ambassadors of Compassion Journey challenges and inspires youth to leave the past behind and reach out to their full potential in life.

H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr.

President, Huizenga Holdings, Inc. Former owner of the Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins

What is the Ambassadors Journey?

Advanced Life Training Event

To begin the program, Ambassadors of Compassion provides an Advanced Life Training event wherein the students and their coaches are invited to a very special forum where the first 4 sessions of the Ambassadors of Compassion journey are presented in a tight, highly energized, 2 hour assembly.

6 Group Sessions

The Ambassadors of Compassion Program revolves around giving youth the opportunity to personally examine and "experience" life-ready principles in a small group discussion setting with other youth led by an Ambassadors Coach.

Students will meet generally once a week, view the session video, and discuss the questions in the Ambassadors Coach Session Guide.

6 Online Sessions

Weekly Calls to Action in a personal student journal have been specifically designed to help youth discover who they are, help them develop the skills to take responsibility for their own lives, and challenge them to begin taking the actual steps necessary to start working toward achieving their goals and dreams.

Is it time to make a difference?

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