Ambassadors of Compassion

What is AOC?

The AOC program is designed to help youth define who they are and where they are going in life. Students will gain a greater confidence in their own strengths and abilities, while at the same time, enhancing their lives by giving them a new sense of purpose and belonging. The program guides youth through the importance of taking responsibility and initiative, identifying and evaluating the various influences in their life, while helping them process through releasing hurt, learning to forgive, and overcoming negative experiences and disappointments.

The Ambassadors of Compassion program provides personal leadership skills to help youth reach their goals and dreams. Through service projects that help draw the community together, the AOC program furthers a student’s personal growth and development as they learn to serve the needs of others.

AOC is scientifically measured and proven to build resiliency in the lives of youth. It brings together the wisdom and expertise of successful leaders, influencers, and educators, while partnering with caring corporations, celebrities and the entertainment industry, pro and college sports teams, schools, and community-based groups.

As the parents of a teenager, we share your desire to instill the essential life principles that help develop emotionally resilient youth who are both strong now and ready for the future.

This is why Ambassadors of Compassion exists.

Eric Hannah Founder, Ambassadors of Compassion
Jodi Hannah Co-Developer, Ambassadors of Compassion

Imagine the possibiities of:

Caring adults within your organization excited to volunteer as a mentor for your students

Student-led group service projects positively impacting your community

Students developing coping skills and overcoming life’s emotional challenges

How it works

The AOC Program revolves around a student journal, either hard copy or digital, and can be administered over one school semester or customized for shorter summer or winter break programs.

An AOC coach is a volunteer from the community, including business people, parents, educators, members of community-based groups, or other caring adults who have a passion for empowering youth. Coaches meet with students in a circular formation. Students view a short topical video and then share their personal thoughts and responses to the various Calls to Action in their student journal.

Coaches provide a safe place for students to engage. They complete interactive sessions with motivational resources and a community service project.

Students internalize core values and learn how to put them into practice in their daily lives. They challenge each other to live out their commitment as an Ambassador of Compassion.

Students demonstrate transformation and life ready skills. They develop self-awareness, other awareness, and the capacity to contribute to the lives of others.

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