Sample Lesson

The following is your guide as the Ambassadors of Compassion Coach to lead your group discussions.

This discussion guide was designed to help you focus on the most important areas of the Ambassadors of Compassion program content.

This sample lesson as part of the first session of the L.I.F.E program.


Session 1: LABOR

To begin the program, Ambassadors of Compassion provides an Advanced Life Training event wherein the students and their coaches are invited to a Program Kickoff Event where the first 4 sessions of the AOC journey are presented in a tight, highly energized, 2.5 hour assembly.

The ALT assembly is taught by a skilled moderator to a large group of students, who are divided into small groups of 6 or 7 and sit with their Student AOC Coach.

After the ALT, the coaches continue the remaining 6 group sessions of the AOC Journey to completion, and ensure that students participate in the online digital journal.

We showed this video in your Advanced Life Training - We recommend watching it again and launching deeper into the discussion questions 

Lesson Content

Message to AOC Coach

It's important to cover all the topics in each session ('Ask Yourself', 'Think About This', 'Notable Quotes' and 'Call to Action'). If you are having meaningful discussions with your group you may not have enough time to get through all the material. However, it's really important for you to at least discuss some material from each of the topics and to really allow time to engage in the 'Calls to Action'.

Message to AOC Coach

View the LABOR session video and come up with one or two specific questions to ask your group regarding what was shared in the video.

Example: What is one important thing you got out of the video that you feel could help you achieve your goals and dreams?

Read this concept to your group


"Labor is using the power of your body and mind to achieve your goals and dreams. Achieving your goals and dreams will be very difficult without your willingness to work for them by investing your time and energy.


Read the ASK YOURSELF questions one at a time and ask your group to respond to each question before going on to the next questions:

Do YOU ever avoid doing something because it seems too difficult?

Do you have any addictive or destructive behaviors or habits in your life that could keep you from reaching your goals and dreams? Explain.


Read each of the following THIS ABOUT THIS statements and have your group respond if there is a question after the statement.

Without personal discipline it may be impossible to achieve your goals and dreams.

Many of the things worth doing in life won’t be easy. The road to reaching your goals and dreams may be difficult and filled with mistakes and failures. However, this is a normal part of anyone’s journey in achieving success. Have any of you ever given up on something that was important to you and do you regret that decision?

Notable Quotes

Message to AOC Coach: Read the NOTABLE QUOTES below and have your group talk about the quotes they find inspiring or meaningful.

"There is no substitute for hard work."

Thomas Edison

American inventor scientist, business man, holds 1093 U.S patents including the light bulb and motion picture camera.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." 

Benjamin Franklin

Scientist, inventor, one of the original Founding Fathers of the United States.

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”

Les Brown

Author and speaker

Message to AOC Coach

Read and discuss the following Call to Action and ask your group to respond to the questions.



Part of our Ambassadors of Compassion journey provides an opportunity for our group to work together on a Labor Service Project to help make our school or community a better place. At our next session each of us will need to share our personal ideas for this service project and then we will collectively choose a Labor Service Project that our group will work together during our Ambassadors of Compassion journey. Below are a few examples of what other Ambassadors of Compassion groups have done for their Labor Service Projects.

  • Worked with the school administration to see how their group could make a difference on their campus.
  • Assisted at local food banks and seniors or veteran centers.
  • Helped clean up and restore local parks and community centers.
  • Organized food drives at school and in their communities.
  • Went to local malls and asked stores to donate clothes for students in need.
  • Removed graffiti from walls, bridges, and buildings.

The ideas are endless, “Where can our group make a difference at school or in our community?” We will talk about each of our ideas at our next session.



In life we must labor to achieve our goals and dreams. What is one potentially life-changing or essential goal you would like to accomplish during your Ambassadors of Compassion journey that you KNOW in your heart and mind you must do, such as mending a broken relationship, changing your eating habits, breaking addictions, improving your grades or take more responsibility at home?

At our next session be ready to share what you have chosen as your personal challenge and what steps you will need to take in order to accomplish it.

Message to AOC Coach

Read and discuss the following Call to Actions and ask your group to respond to the questions. There may not be enough time during this discussion to allow every person in your group to answer every question in this Personal Inventory.



  • What is a dream you have for your life?
  • What could keep you from fulfilling that dream?
  • What do others like about you, and why?
  • What would you like to change about yourself, and why?
  • What kind of person do you want to be?

Think 10 years into the future:
What kind of career or life would you want?

Message to AOC Coach

Read the following TAKE HOME QUESTION and ask your group to be prepared to respond at your next session.


At your next session, be ready to share your ideas for our group Labor Service Project and also what have you selected as your personal challenge.