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Youth Resiliency Summary Report

Although every adult who interacts with a youth educates in some way, it is in the school setting and after school programs that teachers, administrators, support staff and collaborating community members have a profound opportunity to interact with students in ways that will facilitate academic achievement and healthy social development in a safe, caring, and supportive learning environment.

Ambassadors of Compassion Resiliency Study

A study conducted by the University of Alabama regarding the results of the Ambassadors of Compassion Program at the university during their first year of implementation. The study highlights the significant increase in student GPA and return rate to school (students not dropping out of the University the following semester), compared to students who did not participate in the AOC program.

Intermediate School Study

The Study

This study by the principal of an Intermediate School in Orange County, CA, shows the results of students' grades who had completed the Ambassadors of Compassion program. (fall to spring semester)

Unexcused Absences: down 52%

​Assertive Discipline Infractions: down 88%

Tardies: down 62%

​Total A's: up 37%

Total B's: up 13%

​Total C's: slight decrease

​Total D's: slight decrease

​Total F's: down 48%

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