Empowering Your Students

The Ambassadors of Compassion (AOC) Program revolves around giving youth the opportunity to personally examine and "experience" life-ready principles in a small group discussion setting with other youth led by a Team Coach.

Weekly Calls to Action in a personal student journal have been specifically designed to help youth discover who they are, help them develop the skills to take responsibility for their own lives, and challenge them to begin taking the actual steps necessary to start working toward achieving their goals and dreams.

AOC encourages and empowers youth for a successful future and helps them discover their life's purpose.

"I believe the Ambassadors of Compassion Leadership Program will be the fuel that ignites the passion to begin and the perseverance to finish for millions of teenagers. I've seen the results and they are stellar!"

Gene Bedley

40 Years In Public Education, National Outstanding Educator Of The Year, Founder / Executive Director, National Character Education Center, Global Leader in Value-Based Education

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What Educators Say

"Students at Crestview High School in Phoenix have been greatly impacted by the Ambassadors of Compassion program. This opportunity to structure a safe place for students to talk and discuss issues was a truly amazing thing."

Samantha Sinclair

Grants Coordinator, Leona Group Charter Schools

"We all have something amazing to offer the world. Ambassadors of Compassion allows students to recognize what they have to offer and how to give back in a meaningful way."

Amy Kernin-Laye

GEAR UP Project Director – State Department of Education of Idaho

“Ambassadors of Compassion is truly a cutting edge new model for mentoring. It has eliminated all the barriers that stopped mentoring programs in the past from being successful and reinforced what makes mentoring positive and life-changing.”

Heidi Cisneros

Executive Director, Pupil Support Services Santa Ana Unified School District, CA

“This is a much-needed program – it teaches the kids about service ... it lifts up their spirits and empowers them.”

School Coordinator

Phoenix, AZ

"The Ambassadors of Compassion program has provided our students with the unique chance to give back to the community, and throughout the process, find their voice. It has provided our students with an overwhelming amount of individual confidence and has allowed them to not only find out what they stand for, but also realize who they really are."

Anthony D. Fusco Jr., M.Ed.

History Instructor and Ambassadors of Compassion Team Coach West Phoenix High School

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