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Ambassadors of Compassion (AOC) is a coach-led leadership program that equips youth with the personal leadership skills necessary to navigate and succeed through life’s inevitable challenges.

As the parents of a teenager, we share your desire to instill the essential life principles that help develop emotionally resilient youth who are both strong now and ready for the future.

This is why Ambassadors of Compassion exists.

Eric Hannah Founder, Ambassadors of Compassion
Jodi Hannah Co-Developer, Ambassadors of Compassion

The Results

A study conducted by the University of Alabama regarding the results of the Ambassadors of Compassion Program at the university during their first year of implementation. The study highlights the significant increase in student GPA and return rate to school (students not dropping out of the University the following semester), compared to students who did not participate in the AOC program.

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“The Ambassadors of Compassion Journey adds that missing component of developing character. It develops kids from the inside out. In my 25 years working with complex students, these (the Ambassadors of Compassion Program) are the most positive results I’ve ever seen from a program like this. It prepares students to learn and helps them develop the character and social traits that support their transition into adulthood.”

Dr. Wayne Hammond PhD.
Co-CEO and CSO, MeritCore-Resiliency Initiatives

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What parents and others say

At a parent/teacher conference in Colorado, a parent expressed to her son’s teacher about the positive impact the AOC program had on her son.

She said not only does he come home on Wednesdays talking about what he has learned and the discussions they had in small groups, but he has become more helpful at home.

She said he does his chores the first time she asks; before AOC she would have to basically beg him to get his chores done, especially cleaning his room. She said she can see the changes in her son because of this program.

A Parent, Colorado

“Today we celebrated the completion of the program! Sometimes, as coaches, we wondered if we were reaching the kids at all. But at no time did we ever doubt that we were doing the right thing. And today was proof of that. The kids didn’t want us to leave!! There were tons of random hugs being given. Their parents thanked us for taking time to work with their kids. Because of the program, they will walk away understanding what it means to take initiative and accountability for their actions and why it’s so important to give of themselves to others.”

AOC Coach, Georgia

“It is such an amazing program and something I wish every student had an opportunity to take! The program offers them the chance to open up and talk about their lives in a safe environment while giving them the knowledge and skills they need to make positive choices in their lives. Not only does it empower the kids, it gives the coaches an opportunity to learn more about themselves.”


AOC Coach

The local law enforcement leadership in our city in Colorado noticed a significant decrease in the number of calls they received from a school which had their entire 7th and 8th grade classes experience the AOC program.

School Administrator, Colorado

"I grew up in a very tough part of Chicago and I know how important it is to build into the lives of our youth. Ambassadors of Compassion's leadership model, Train, Measure, and Honor produces lasting results and changed lives."

Jerry Colangelo

Former owner, Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks, led USA Basketball to a Gold Medal at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics

"The Coach training took away my fears and concerns and showed me how to confidently facilitate the AOC program with the students and create a safe space for a transformational experience to take place."


First-time AOC Coach, Georgia

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